What is CBT?

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a form of therapy that involves looking at how our thinking and behavioural patterns have formed, how these contribute to our emotional and mental distress and working out ways to solve them. For example, a person with depression may realise that their thinking about how capable or good they are, formed from problems they faced in the past has led them to think in a negative way. We can then challenge and change these patterns. Someone with anxiety issues may have learned the anxiety in response to something but now the anxiety isn't helping them, it is holding them back. We could work out ways to manage and change their anxiety through behaviour and thoughts. CBT can be anything you want it to be. In session 1 you will define these goals with my support and we can work together to make the changes you want to see.


What happens in a session?

Each session lasts around 45-50 minutes. In session 1 we will discuss what you would like to achieve in therapy and we will set up practical goals to do it. In every session, we will talk about anything that has come up for you around these issues (or anything else) and work out plans toward change. This will involve trying psychological tools & techniques to challenge and change negative thinking and beliefs. There will also be behaviour work, simple tasks designed to challenge negative beliefs in a practical way. Ultimately, we can make the sessions whatever you want them to be.

Booking & Prices

One of the goals of the service is to keep costs down to let more people access the service. As such I have differing price tiers depending on location and type of session. Rates are-

£30 for a home session anywhere in Kilmarnock. The rest of Ayrshire & Glasgow will be £30 plus my travel expenses. The price will be pre-arranged before session 1.

£40 for an external session in Kilmarnock town centre. This is priced slightly higher due to room booking fees.

If you are ready to book get in touch with me here.