COVID-19 Update

The Scottish Government COVID-19 roadmap today gives me a vague idea of when in-person sessions can resume.

The Scottish Government have announced a plan to end lockdown in 4 phases. I would anticipate that in-person sessions can resume in 2 stages, during phase 2 and 3. In phase 2 we will continue with distance sessions via Skype or Zoom for all clients who are able to do so. The in-person sessions will only be available for the small number of clients who were unable to use distance sessions for psychological or practical reasons. This is still unlikely to be before July (exact dates will depend on government guidance). If anyone is struggling without sessions don't hesitate to contact me.

For all other clients, those using distance sessions and those who declined to use them due to preference we will resume in phase 3, whenever the government announce this to be. Any clients who wish to continue with distance sessions beyond this can do so.

When sessions initially resume, we will have to maintain some form of social distancing. Even though I will be in the same room as you, we will still have to sit apart as much as possible. I will also use PPE such as a facemask and handgel to ensure that I am not putting clients at risk.

Exact dates will be announced in advance of it starting again but it should be within a week or 2 of the Scottish Government moving to a new phase.

For further information, please see the Scottish Government document detailing the roadmap. It can be downloaded at https://www.gov.scot/…/covid-19-framework-decision-making-s…

Welcome to Robert Fulton CBT Services

I am a fully qualified cognitive behavioural therapist operating counselling services in Kilmarnock, the rest of Ayrshire & Glasgow. I have worked with people with depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, body dysmorphic disorder and many other issues. We can work on standard CBT or a more mindfulness focused approach, whatever works for you.

I believe in open access to counselling and therapy services which is why I am attempting to run at the minimal possible cost to allow people of any income to begin the life-changing journey that CBT can offer. For details on what happens in the sessions along with booking and pricing details see the sessions page.

One of the most important things to many prospective clients is to know the person that they will be working with. For information on my experience and my approach to counselling & therapy see the about me page.

To arrange a booking or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Taking the step into this journey may seem daunting. But I will do all I can to make it an uplifting one.